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Shanghai Jiebao Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Zhejiang Shengyuan Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) is a large-scale enterprise group which is specializing in R&D and manufacturing various kinds of air compressors,welding consumable,welding and cutting machines,electric appliances,industrial investment,etc.

It was established in 1998! The headquarter of our Group is located in Pudong District.Shanghai,with floor area of 19360 square meters and building area of 13680 square meters.As the leading modern enterprise in the air compressor and welding machine industry field in China,having a staffing of more than 500 employees,and within 8% of Research Specialist Staff,12% of Management Positions,and over 300 stuff.The production capacity can arrive 500,000.0 sets of various kinds of air compressors.welding and cutting machines,which is included in 23 series product and more than 120 product specifications.

Since its establishment,we always uphold the purpose of faithful & professional,practice & innovation!It has taken the lead in introduction of ERP,which makes much progress of management innovation and perfection.In additional,it has passed ISO9001,ISO14001,CE,EEC,RoHS,and CCC certificates.The products have been covered all round of the world and gain recognition from international customers!

The series of products are widely used in the fields of Naval architecture and Marine engineering filed, Automotive tools industry,Railway equipment manufacturing,Chemical industry,Aerospace industry,Food Industry,Medical and Dental field,Etc.The company is dedicated to furthering internationally authorized and processional air compressor & welding machine products for the global market!

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