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PRODUCTS Your Position: Home - Products - Belt Driven Air Compressor - QS Series Belt Driven Air Compressor
Model: W-0.36/8/QS
QSSeries Characteristic
QS series Belt -Driven air compressor adopts improved efficient cooling
cylinder cover and increase air flow. The cooling efficiency is increased by enlarged cooling fin area and using of aluminum alloy materials with high heat conduction efficiency. A V-shaped groove is set between air intake and exhaust section to reduce heat and improve air intake efficiency. Itype suction valve with good efficiency is used for improving air flow. The overall valve is made of stainless steel which can try to avoid rust.

Product Performance

Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimensions
  KW HP R.P.M L/min C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
W-0.36/8/QS 3 4 1100 360 12.7 8 115 90 23.4 102 121x47x84
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