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PRODUCTS Your Position: Home - Products - Oilless Belt Driven Air Compressor - HH Series Oilfree Belt Driven Air Compressor
Model: VW-0.42/7/HH
HH Series Characteristic
HH series Belt -Driven oil-free air compressor is a reciprocating piston,
air-cooled air compressor. It is designed for departments requiring of higher purity air source and clean environment. This product does not need to add lubricants. The exhaust air does not contain oil and oil vapor, don't pollute the environment, gas equipment and its products, making it a kind of environmental protection and energy saving products. It is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, food processing, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, electronic pneumatic instrumentation, painting, powder and granular gas transport, air agitation, film, construction, materials, defense-related research, diving, breathing and other departments with the need of high quality oil-free compressed air.

Product Performance

Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimensions
  KW HP R.P.M L/min C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
VW-0.42/7/HH 4 5.5 900 420 14.8 7 100 110 29.1 146 125x44x91
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