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Model: FB750D0-50A105 FB1100D0-50A230 FB1500D0-50A230
QS Series Characteristic
QS Series Oil-free Air Compressor can provide stable&oil-free air source, to
avoid oil going into human body. It can also avoid the terminal machine's failure caused by oil in the non-oil pipe. With high quality components, it is manufactured and inspected according to medical IS013485: 2003 standards. It features of huge flow, low noise, clean and dry air source, smooth running, and automatic control. During operation, when the tank inner pressure reaches the set minimum or maximum value, the compressor will automatically start or stop. This machine is particularly suitable as dental treatment air source, and is an ideal choice for small dental hospital or private dental clinics. It can also be widely used in food packaging, health, science experiments, respirators and other fields.

Product Performance

Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimension
  KW HP R.P.M Urnin C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
FB750D0-50A105 4.0 5.5 1380 340 12 7 100 105 27.7 110 136x38x69
FB1100D0-50A230 6.0 8 1380 625 22.1 8 116 230 60.8 160 155x51x86
FB1500D0-50A230 7.5 10 1380 875 30.9 8 116 230 60.8 165 155x51x86
Remarks: silent cabinet type, multi-heads combination, various tank sizes and other special requirements can be customized. Welcome to call us for discussion.
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