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Model: V-0.48/8/HM V-60/8/HM
HM Series Characteristic
HM series one-stage V-belt air compressor adopts a durable structure design, with graceful crankcase. Its key parts are machined in CNC machining center, single-system valve design provides high compression efficiency and easy maintenance. The fine cast iron materials ensure super abrasion performance. Its multi-blade cooling fan is the best cooling system.
Suitable for factories, automatical control system, vehicle maintenance, painting, etc with the need of compressed air.

Product Performance

Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimensions
  KW HP R.P.M L/min C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
V-0.48/8/HM 4.0 5.5 950 480 16.9 8 115 110 28.6 140 125x44x91
V-0.60/8/HM 4.0 5.5 950 600 21.2 8 115 110 28.6 146 123x51 x94
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